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As Kamusi FSV,  we have been operating as an independent animatic company that has created original concepts and visualizations in Turkey since 2013. We have a team of skilled and talented illustrators and animators who have specialized in their fields. We also use these capabilities for animation and desktop productions.



We can offer fast response times to your inquiries from our office in İstanbul. We aim to get the best results thanks to our 7/24 available team, prepared to cooperate most efficiently in times of pressing problems. To this end, we are constantly improving our technological facilities and upgrading ourselves to offer better services.

We have worked with more than 60 advertising and consumer brands, ranging from international brands to the largest advertising agencies. Over the last 10 years, we have crafted over 1000 video advertisements, test projects, and animations. Thanks to individuals with a creative spirit who have adapted to our team dynamics and working philosophy, we are able to provide imaginative support to the agencies we collaborate with and generate the most innovative solutions. This approach allows us to achieve optimal results with creative teams.





Detailed Frame






Swipe left and right to see our whole process from sketces to production.


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