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Jay-Z illustration

Zay-G, a very famous Rapper

“ Money talks, bullshit works.
What is the budget for 15 seconds film? "
  • Can you also produce voiceovers, background sounds, and music?
    Yes, we can produce voiceovers, background sounds, and music in the process of creating a commercial film. Depending on your project's needs and preferences, we can collaborate with suitable voiceover artists, create original background sounds, and select music that fits your project.
  • Do you only provide services within Turkey?
    No, if that were the case, why would we make our website in English?
  • How many different illustration styles and illustrators can you offer us as options?
    As Kamusi FSV, we embrace drawing styles that are more preferred in the industry and achieve higher test scores. All our illustrators can draw in the same style, eliminating any line variation, allowing us to share the same project among 2-3 different illustrators. This significantly shortens the entire process.
  • How many frames can I use to tell a commercial in a storyboard?
    The number of frames to use in a storyboard depends on the content, details, and pacing of the commercial. For 15 seconds, you can use 6-12 frames, for 30 seconds, 12-18 frames, and for 60 seconds, 25-35 frames on average.
  • How many projects can be done on the same timeline?
    Even though we are a relatively small team, we can simultaneously complete up to 6 projects by the same deadline. Go for 7!
  • What information do you need from us before starting a project?
    Providing more detail and information helps ensure accurate cost calculations. Nevertheless, here are our initial expectations: How many scenes will be produced? What are the lengths of the scenes? When is the delivery or test entry date? Will voiceover and music production be handled by us? Can you share your existing written ideas and scripts? Are there existing key visuals, pack shots, and graphic elements to be used? Are the characters appearing in the film celebrity?
  • What is the budget for a 15-second film?
    Costs can vary depending on many factors such as the script, technical aspects, and more. That's why, for your project, contact us directly.
  • What is the difference between an animatic and a boardomatic?
    A Boardomatic is an early-stage draft where the visual design of a project is represented with drawings and visuals. Typically consists of static drawings or images without animated elements. Represents a more general draft, lacking detailed animation or timing. Often presented in static visual files or slideshow formats. The cost is generally more affordable compared to an Animatic. An Animatic employed at a later stage, either before animation or after storyboarding, to visualize scene timing and flow, provides a more detailed plan with transitions, sound effects, and basic animations and presented in a video format, typically including timed sound.
  • What is the difference between a storyboard and a shooting board?
    Storyboard is used to plan the overall story and visual narrative of the project. It is used in the early stages of projects such as films, animations, and advertisements. It creates a draft of the main story and scenes. The shooting board is used to plan specific shots and organize visual details before entering the filming stage. It is used in the pre-shooting stage, especially in film and television productions. It provides a detailed plan for the shooting process. In summary, while a storyboard sketches out the main story and visual narrative, a shooting board is used for detailed planning before the filming stage, specifying camera angles, lighting, and scene details. Both tools serve different purposes at different stages of a project.
  • How long does it typically take to complete the storyboard and animatic stages for a 30-second script?
    Depending on several factors like project complexity, level of detail, design elements, editing requirements, and the pace of the process. In general, a 30-second commercial is usually completed within an average of 10-15 business days.
  • How long should a commercial typically be?
    A commercial typically should be 15, 30, or 60 seconds. These durations are effective in reaching the target audience, grabbing attention, and conveying the message. However, for specific projects or advertising strategies, different durations may be preferred.
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