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1945 Old Car
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Kamusi FSV stands for visual dictionary. Since 2013, we have worked with over fifty global and

major brands /agencies, either directly or indirectly. We made various animations,  commercials, modeling and designs. The whole team consists of 6 people. We also have more than 30,000 completely organic followers in our instagram account called 3danimationdesign. Our office is located in Sishane, in a historical building overlooking the Golden Horn. Everyone here is talented guys who want to improve themselves. We seem to be doing things like this for a while. We insist that you work with us.

We also have a store in the US state of South Dakota called Agua Fresh, which makes fresh juice and delicious sandwiches. Actually, there are two. If you go there, give our name to Sinan and get a 25% discount! We recommend Galaxy Smoothie!

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